Join us Sunday July 16 2017 as we honor the life and good works of Kathy Casper on Fountain Square between 4:00 pm till 8:00 pm. It was Kathy's mission and calling to serve our city's homeless. Kathy saw and filled a need as an advocate for the homeless in the Greater Cincinnati area for many years. Kathy used the hands on approach as she went from camp to camp spreading hope, love as well as words of encouragement. She made so many friends and touched so many hearts along the way. We will keep her torch lit and vision alive as we serve our city's less fortunate during this event. We will be proving pizza dinner as well as new socks, tee shirts and underwear, hygiene products,  new and gently used clothing including shoes, and much more as we do every week on Fountain Square. Everyone is invited to join us, this is a family friendly event. Kathy never met a stranger, only a new friend. We will soon be posting the flyer. Thank You- Maslow's Army

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About Maslow's Army

We are an organization aimed at meeting our citizens where they're currently at in their life.

Our team is made up of Certified Peer Support Specialists. Each one of us have walked in the shoes of our city's less fortunate, who struggle from mental illness, drug addiction and alcoholism. You can buy an education; however, our experience is our greatest asset.

I myself was homeless living on the downtown streets of Cincinnati for over 20 years.

I overcame alcoholism and drug addiction. I have been able to manage my mental illness through medication. Now, through my personal experience, it is my turn to give back what I have learned. 

Most organizations are interested in treating the symptoms. Maslow's Army focuses on the disease.

We listen to the needs of our citizens. We share our own experience, strengths and hopes in order to gain their confidence. Our main goal is to build self-esteem and give them a fulfilling purpose.

We reach out to our citizens

Most agencies that offer similar services are a Monday through Friday 9 to 5 business.

We at Maslow's Army work around the clock. Our number is given out to first respondents as well as the general public. If someone is in desperate need, a phone call can be made and we will respond quickly. Most often, we walk the streets in the Downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas, reaching out to meet the needs of others .The man pictured on the left was laying in the middle of the street while cars swerved missing him by mere inches. People stopped and stared. Maslow's Army quickly identified a need and jumped into action assisting him safely to a near by bus stop as we listened to his needs. He turned out to be hungry and we offered one of our "Hot Meal Guides". We promised to meet up with him soon to help him set goals. We love interaction with our clients because it allows us to remember where we once were in life. 

Being of service

Helping People with ID's

Dwayne reached out for help via Facebook. We have had several meetings so far and already a smile has reappeared on his face. He was finally given hope by people who understand what it is like to feel all alone in this world.  We were able to get him a State ID immediately.  Now we can use resources and/or networks for him as almost every agency requires an ID for services. Even cold shelters and food pantries.

Dwayne's Testimony

Cincinnati Police support

I am truly grateful for the brave men and women who protect our city on a daily basis. Watching them assist an individual they've personally encountered dozens of times, completely turn their life around. And to see the genuine smiles on their faces brings a joy to my heart. Believe me, the officers are witnessing a truly rare reunion. Up until 4 years ago these same officers were placing me in handcuffs. Today it's hand shakes and smiles.       - Samuel Landis of 'Maslow's Army'   


Putting Smiles on Faces

Every Sunday outreach is extraordinary. After 14 straight weeks and counting, crowds keep growing and growing. Occasionally we lack volunteers and the less fortunate jump in and lend a hand. We encourage this as it makes them feel good about their selves and builds self-esteem. Smiles always follows.

Spreading Love to Children

Maslow's Army has been distributing new toys to children whose  parents are struggling. It's such a heartwarming feeling watching the smiles on the faces of the children of our cities less fortunate.

Meeting their Needs

Within hours of receiving this bassinet, we received a phone call from a young single mother who had just brought home her newborn daughter. She asked if we had any baby furniture and we were able to respond immediately. Pictured above is my wife Susan with the bassinet donation just moments before the client put it to use.    

We offer a hand up and a hand out

During our Sunday outreach, we meet the needs of those all ages. This young man ate 2 1/2 slices of pizza. We feed those who are less fortunate every week pizza, fresh fruit, chips and drinks. We also give new socks, underware and tee-shirts as well as new and gently worn clothes to those who are in need. This little fellow received a new pair of shoes and a full belly.



Samuel is a lifetime resident of Greater Cincinnati, who spent over 20 years living on the downtown streets of Cincinnati. For over 25 years Samuel self medicated on street drugs due to untreated  and misdiagnosed  mental illness. He received his CNA  on May 11 2017  at Gateway Community Technical College. Samuel is now taking classes at N.K.U. In the Human services program. He currently holds above a 3.5 G.P.A. He served as Vice President  of student government and severed on the judicial board while at Gateway. He is Peer Support Certified as well as Green Dot trained, Narcan trained, C.P.R. First Aid and took courses in suicide prevention. being clean and sober for well over 2 years. Samuel is on the student committee  of N.A.A.D.A.C. (National Association of addiction counselors) as well as serving on the work force commitee of O.A.A.D.A.C.(the Ohio association of addiction counselors) His passion is working with the homeless and less fortunate sharing his story of success.


Bruce is a lifetime resident of Greater Cincinnati. He recently Retired as a Computer systems analyst. Bruce has always been a humanitarian. His philosophy is to help who ever you can wherever you are with what you have it.


Susan is a graduate of Gateway Community and Technical College. She graduated with her Associates Degree. On May 11 2017 she earned her CNA. She is currently working towards her Bachelor's in Social Work. Susan carries a current 3.7 G.P.A. Susan is a certified peer support specialist as well. Susan serves with her husband Samuel  on the student committee of N.A.A.D.A.C. and serves on the work force committee of O.A.A.D.A.C. Susan loves working directly with the less fortunate. Her belief is that we all need to leave the world a better place than when we got here. 


Teri Meinzer is a registered nurse and founder of Tri-State Disability Advocates. She assists people through the process of obtaining disability for their physical and mental health issues. She will assist through many stages from application through denials and appearing with them before an administrative law Judge.  She can be contacted through


David Meyer has lived his entire life in the Cincinnati Metro area. David has devoted many tireless years to helping others afflicted with alcoholism find sobriety and become productive members of society. David's life revolves around faith and family and knows what it's like to be without. His hope is to reach those who need a helping hand to reach their greatest potential. Amongst his greatest treasures are his wife and children, his faith, and those he works with to achieve a sober life. David has worked many years in the medical field and finds solace in the simple things in life, such as a smile or seeing faith work through him to help others.


Joe Abbott, Managing Director of JLAbbott LLC, is a seasoned business executive with over 20 years of experience. He is skilled in the acquisition and cultivation of long-term C-level Business-to-Business relationships. Joe assists his customers in driving major initiatives and account management oversight in the design, development, and delivery of leading edge, multi-year, multimillion dollar focused solutions. As a senior business executive with IBM Global Services and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tele-Tech, Joe Abbott has provided the most robust, predictive intelligence on customer behavior. He continuously validates how customers build connections with business, including which sales tactics are most motivating customers to buy from our clients.  He also shows how connections impact financial outcomes. Joe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Thomas More College, and a MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.



Becca has been a resident of The greater Cincinnati area her entire life. She is a registered nurse and a graduate of Gateway Community and Technical College. 


Reva earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Degree from NKU and is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.  She is an Instructor at Gateway Community and Technical College and resides in the Greater Cincinnati area.


Heidi is a licensed social worker and also a lifetime resident of Greater Cincinnati.