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Taking it to the Streets

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Maslow's Army Mission


Our mission at Maslow' s Army is to help provide the essential tools needed to become healthy productive members of society. 

How we accomplish our mission

Maslow's Army is a 501 (C)3 Non- Profit 

Through setting and accomplishing goals these men and women are then in the position to reach out to those still battling addiction, alcoholism and mental illnesses. We at Maslow's Army take a special interest in our veterans and families with children, they are our top priority. 

Our volunteers work around the clock.  Each person is taken through a 5-step process which starts with meeting the basic needs, this allows us to help with their personal securities, relationships, self-esteem and finally self-actualization. Through this peer driven system, those who have once found their situation to be hopeless will come to realize that change is possible.

Our end vision


Our end vision is to offer hope to the cities less fortunate and homeless population by providing the skills needed to become self sufficient. By sharing our personal experiences we gain their confidence. What makes us unique is the fact that we meet each person hassle-free and without an appointment. Being homeless is a situation, not an identity. We communicate with each client on a personal level. We listen to their wants and needs. We walk them through a system of setting goals based on their strengths and interests. We call this our "Pie System". Each time an individual client sets a goal, we help them to accomplish their goal by a series of smaller goals we call "Pie Slices". 

This helps the individual gain self-esteem and motivation. We are one of the very few that treat the disease and not just the symptoms. "If you put a band-aid over the problem, the problem still exists".

Maslow's Army Basic Needs Outreach

Sunday outreach

Maslow's Army is a group of volunteers who go directly on the streets of Cincinnati  to help meet the basic human needs of those experiencing homelessness and poverty. Every single Sunday for 76 consecutive Sunday's Maslow's Army has handed out La Rosa's Pizza, bottled water, pop, fruit, dessert, hygiene products, new and gently used clothing, and has provided haircuts all for free to those to those experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Founder's Samuel and Susan Landis both experienced homelessness at different points in their lives. Samuel was homeless for 20 years in the downtown streets of Cincinnati. Samuel and Susan having been able to overcome homelessness and addiction decided to use their experience to provide 24-7 peer support to those in need.  

The Maslow's Army Basic Needs Outreach is a way to meet those experiencing homelessness where they are at in hopes of them reaching out through the week.  Through the week Maslow's Army peer support directs those in need to the resources in our area to help these individuals become self sufficient. 

Maslow's Army served on Fountain Square for 68 consecutive Sunday's. Recently Maslow's Army has been advocating for a permanent location for the outreach part of their program. 

For those interested in volunteering at the outreach please call (859) 491-2769. 

Link of Video's from Maslow's Army Past Basic Need's Outreaches.

Maslow's Army Outreach 87 consecutive Sundays and counting

Young volunteer Engages A Homeless Veteran

Rain or Shine Maslow's Army Never Misses A Sunday Outreach

1,000+ Meals Provided Each Week

Sharing Like Experiences And Testimonies

Engagement Through Fun Activities

Happy Smiles Lead To Lasting Friendships

Maslow's Army Basic Needs Outreach over 100,000 Meals Served

Children of All Ages are Welcome to Volunteer

Professional Hairslylest (We Offer 15 Plus Free Haircuts Each Week)

Maslow's Army Meeting the Basic Human Needs

A Coke and a Smile

Providing Great Family Values

Long Lines Which Often Began An Hour Before Start Time

Contact Us

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In need of moral support while battling addiction, alcoholism and mental illnesses

A member of our staff is available around the clock. 

Maslow's Army

Maslow's Army Inc. Po box 14187 Cincinnati, Ohio 45250

(859) 491-2769

Being of service

Going into the homeless camps

Part of meeting each client where they are in life is traveling to different camps around the city. We start by listening to their needs first. We then share parts of our experience, knowledge and education with them. We begin to notice a glimmer of hope that comes over them as they realize that change is possible. In the picture above we are sharing a Maslow's Army "Basic Needs Guide" with this man who has been homeless for a long time. Maybe this will be the day he is ready to find a way off the streets and into a better life.


Henry is a United States Navy Vet. Maslow's Army first met Henry at Our Basic Needs Outreach. He was able to obtain an apartment and reached out to Maslow's Army for help obtaining furniture and other items for his new apartment. Maslow's Army immediately stepped in to come to the aid of Henry.  Today his apartment is full of furniture.

Link Below to Henry's WCPO Story about Maslow's Army

Henry also wanted to go on video and show his gratitude for Maslow's Army and the generous donor that helped him.

Cincinnati Police support

I am truly grateful for the brave men and women who protect our city on a daily basis. Watching them assist an individual they've personally encountered dozens of times, completely turn their life around. And to see the genuine smiles on their faces brings a joy to my heart. Believe me, the officers are witnessing a truly rare reunion. Up until 5 years ago these same officers were placing me in handcuffs. Today it's hand shakes and smiles.       - Samuel Landis of 'Maslow's Army'   

About Maslow's Army

We are an organization aimed at meeting our citizens where they're currently at in their life.

Our team is made up of Certified Peer Support Specialists. Each one of us have walked in the shoes of our city's less fortunate, who struggle from mental illness, drug addiction and alcoholism. You can buy an education; however, our experience is our greatest asset.

I myself was homeless living on the downtown streets of Cincinnati for over 20 years.

I overcame alcoholism and drug addiction. I have been able to manage my mental illness through medication. Now, through my personal experience, it is my turn to give back what I have learned. 

Most organizations are interested in treating the symptoms. Maslow's Army focuses on the disease.

We listen to the needs of our citizens. We share our own experience, strengths and hopes in order to gain their confidence. Our main goal is to build self-esteem and give them a fulfilling purpose.

Kenny Martin


Who Was Kenny Martin

Our Dear Friend and Extended Family Member, Kenny Martin Was Found Dead Huddled into a Bus Stop Seeking Warmth at Fountain Square, the Day After Christmas.

 Maslow's Army encountered Ken during our first Sunday outreach 1/22/2017. He received a new pair of gloves and a hat, as well as encouragement to make changes in his own life. As the outreach continued to grow, so did Kens involvement with us. Typically Maslow's Army volunteers must obtain housing before working along side of us. This was not the case with Ken. We took a special interest in him, as we saw his hard work and dedication to change. Kenny started working a full time job, and was able to get into housing within weeks of mentoring to him. Kenny was a Maslow's Army volunteer who served for over 6 months. Although Kenny had a slip a few months back, we never stopped encouraging him to regain his focus. Kenny was a friend to all who knew him.


Fifth Third Bank

Maslow's Army partnered with Fifth Third Bank making over 300 bagged lunches for those experiencing homelessness and addiction. Included in these lunches turkey sandwiches, fruit, snacks, and bottled water.  

Maslow's Army along with Fifth Third Bank handed out these bagged that same afternoon.

Our Partnership with LaRosa's Pizza

Maslow's Army has a partnership with another hometown hero, LaRosa's Pizzeria. Currently we go through 700 slices (desert and water included) in just over an hour so your contributions are welcomed and needed. As our outreach continues to grow so do the food demands. Please consider making a donation today as Maslow's Army is privately funded mostly by our own staff. 

Clifton Mosque

Every single Sunday Maslow's Army hands out over 200 hundred bagged lunches which the Clifton Mosque so generously donates to us. They have come down on many occasions to volunteer with our outreach as they love the fact that we just promote meeting the basic human needs and promote all religions. 

Texas Roadhouse

Maslow's Army and Texas Roadhouse partnered to distribute free meals at the "Taste of Cincinnati" This was Maslow's Army second year participating in the event. At Maslow's Army we believe everyone should get to participate in the Taste of Cincinnati. This year along with Texas Roadhouse we distributed over 200 pounds of pulled pork sandwiches along with bottled water, pop, fruit, and dessert. We were truly grateful for Texas Roadhouse for their donation and for coming out to serve alongside Maslow's Army at the Taste of Cincinnati.

Gateway Community and Technical College

Maslow's Army Co-Founder's Samuel and Susan Landis are both Alumni of Gateway Community and Technical College who sponsored a Sunday outreach. To partner with their former college was an amazing opportunity.