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    Our mission at Maslow's Army is to provide the essential tools needed to become healthy productive members of our community. Through setting and accomplishing goals these men and women are then in the position to reach out to those still battling addiction, alcoholism and mental illnesses. We at Maslow's Army take a special interest in our veterans and families with children, they are our top priority. Our volunteers work around the clock. Each person is taken through a 5-step process which starts with meeting the basic needs, this allows us to help with their personal securities, relationships, self-esteem and finally self-actualization. Through this peer driven system, those who have once found their situation to be hopeless will come to realize that change is possible. 

    Maslow's Army Outreach 75 consecutive Sundays and counting

    Young volunteer Engages A Homeless Veteran

    Co-Founders Samuel and Susan Landis

    1,000+ Meals Provided Each Week

    Sharing Like Experiences And Testimonies

    Engagement Through Fun Activities

    Happy Smiles Lead To Lasting Friendships

    100,000+ served from fountain square in cincinnati, Ohio

    Haircut Artist At Work (We Offer 15+ Free Haircuts Each Week)

    Professional Hairslylest Happy at Work

    These Two Princesses Became Best Friends

    A Coke and a Smile

    Providing Great Family Values

    Long Lines Which Often Began An Hour Before Start Time


    What our facility would provide

    All the basic necessities to accommodate all the needs of our city's homeless, and further assist the less fortunate including those living below the poverty line. Our proven success is based on Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Basic Human Needs" as well as our own personal experience and education.

    Our 24 hour day space and recreation area

    Maslow's Army's 24 hour, day and recreation area, will provide relief from all types of weather. Peer support will be available around the clock, in hopes of providing goal setting and other life changing skills.    

    Detox floors

    With Detox centers filled to capacity in our area, it can literally take day's if not weeks of being on a waiting list to get help. For some this could mean life or death. Our plan is to utilize two floors, 1 male unit as well as 1 female unit. Each unit can provide up to 25 beds each. 

    Maslow's Army's "Visual Recovery System"

    Addiction is defined as a chronically and relapsing, disease of the brain. Relapse does not always have to be associated with recovery. It has been our experience that a difficult problem that alcoholics and addicts face during recovery is separating action from impulse. With our visual recovery, the client can see their progress as they recover, eliminating impulsive behaviors.  

    Independent Living

    Beginning with the veterans floor, Maslow's Army will provide 4 floors of housing units. 1 floor for our homeless veterans, 1 floor for misplaced families, 1 floor for males and 1 floor for female residents. For those with dogs who live on the street, they can board their pets in our outdoor kennel located on property. To obtain housing, the client must work, go to school, or be receiving disability. Rent will be based on a weekly percentage of wages. Maxim stay 6 months to 1 year.

    Our Kitchen

    We will provide 3 meals a day 7 days a week. Clients who come in for a meal, or live in house will be responsible to have chores. This will teach responsibly. 

    Contact Us

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    In need of moral support while battling addiction, alcoholism and mental illnesses

    A member of our staff is available around the clock. 

    Maslow's Army

    Maslow's Army Inc. Po box 14187 Cincinnati, Ohio 45250

    (859) 491-2769

    Being of service

    Going into the homeless camps

    Part of meeting each client where they are in life is traveling to different camps around the city. We start by listening to their needs first. We then share parts of our experience, knowledge and education with them. We begin to notice a glimmer of hope that comes over them as they realize that change is possible. In the picture above we are sharing a Maslow's Army "Basic Needs Guide" with this man who has been homeless for a long time. Maybe this will be the day he is ready to find a way off the streets and into a better life.

    Meet some of our weekly volunteers

    We meet every Sunday at noon on Fountain Square (rain or shine) and do our "Basic Needs Outreach". This outreach began January 24 2017 and we have never missed a Sunday. We hand out LaRosa's pizza dinners, brand new socks, tee-shirts and underwear, hygiene kits, new and gently worn clothes, first aid kits, blankets and occasionally sleeping bags and tents. To date we have served over 30,000 meals. Each week we serve over 500 of our city's less fortunate. Our veterans and children are also at the front of our lines.

    Cincinnati Police support

    I am truly grateful for the brave men and women who protect our city on a daily basis. Watching them assist an individual they've personally encountered dozens of times, completely turn their life around. And to see the genuine smiles on their faces brings a joy to my heart. Believe me, the officers are witnessing a truly rare reunion. Up until 5 years ago these same officers were placing me in handcuffs. Today it's hand shakes and smiles.       - Samuel Landis of 'Maslow's Army'   

    About Maslow's Army

    We are an organization aimed at meeting our citizens where they're currently at in their life.

    Our team is made up of Certified Peer Support Specialists. Each one of us have walked in the shoes of our city's less fortunate, who struggle from mental illness, drug addiction and alcoholism. You can buy an education; however, our experience is our greatest asset.

    I myself was homeless living on the downtown streets of Cincinnati for over 20 years.

    I overcame alcoholism and drug addiction. I have been able to manage my mental illness through medication. Now, through my personal experience, it is my turn to give back what I have learned. 

    Most organizations are interested in treating the symptoms. Maslow's Army focuses on the disease.

    We listen to the needs of our citizens. We share our own experience, strengths and hopes in order to gain their confidence. Our main goal is to build self-esteem and give them a fulfilling purpose.

    Kenny Martin


    Who Was Kenny Martin

    Our Dear Friend and Extended Family Member, Kenny Martin Was Found Dead Huddled into a Bus Stop Seeking Warmth at Fountain Square, the Day After Christmas.

     Maslow's Army encountered Ken during our first Sunday outreach 1/22/2017. He received a new pair of gloves and a hat, as well as encouragement to make changes in his own life. As the outreach continued to grow, so did Kens involvement with us. Typically Maslow's Army volunteers must obtain housing before working along side of us. This was not the case with Ken. We took a special interest in him, as we saw his hard work and dedication to change. Kenny started working a full time job, and was able to get into housing within weeks of mentoring to him. Kenny was a Maslow's Army volunteer who served for over 6 months. Although Kenny had a slip a few months back, we never stopped encouraging him to regain his focus. Kenny was a friend to all who knew him.

    We reach out to our citizens

    Most agencies that offer similar services are a Monday through Friday 9 to 5 business.

    We at Maslow's Army work around the clock. Our number is given out to first respondents as well as the general public. If someone is in desperate need, a phone call can be made and we will respond quickly. Most often, we walk the streets in the Downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas, reaching out to meet the needs of others .The man pictured on the left was laying in the middle of the street while cars swerved missing him by mere inches. People stopped and stared. Maslow's Army quickly identified a need and jumped into action assisting him safely to a near by bus stop as we listened to his needs. He turned out to be hungry and we offered one of our "Hot Meal Guides". We promised to meet up with him soon to help him set goals. We love interaction with our clients because it allows us to remember where we once were in life. 


    Putting Smiles on Faces

    Every Sunday outreach is extraordinary. After nearly a year, crowds keep growing and growing. Many children come out each week to volunteer with Maslow's Army as this is a safe and family friendly environment . We encourage this as it makes them feel good about their selves and builds self-esteem and character. Smiles always follow.

    Our Partnership with LaRosa's Pizza

    Maslow's Army has a partnership with another hometown hero, LaRosa's Pizzeria. Currently we go through 700 slices (desert and water included) in just over an hour so your contributions are welcomed and needed. As our outreach continues to grow so do the food demands. Please consider making a donation today as Maslow's Army is privately funded mostly by our own staff. 

    Maslow's Army "Basic Needs Guide"

      To date this is our best piece of low hanging fruit. This Fall 2017 "Basic Needs Guide," Is weather resistant and made for the wear and tear of the streets. The purpose of our guide is to help those who are experiencing homelessness to become organized. The guide lists where to get day and week labor, soup kitchens, showers, clothes and hair cuts, groceries, homeless shelters, detox and treatment centers. mental health services and more. The guide is put together in a simple to follow order, which if used correctly can offer a way out of their current situation. The printing cost of each guide is $0.90. We initially only had funds to produce the first 1,000. We are hoping to put these into the hands of all the less fortunate soon by doing a mass printing. Please consider a donation today. Thanks in advance, -The Maslow's Army Team

    Maslow's Army Tee-Shirts On Sale

    The 2017 Maslow's Army Tee-Shirt is on sale now. They come in both Army Green and this attractive new pink. Sizes range from child small to adult 5XL. They are printed on front and back.  Get your piece of history today!! Prices range from $15 to $20 each shirt. 1 large pizza is included in the price that will feed 10 people. All volunteers who come join the Maslow's Team on Sunday's must wear one of our shirts to identify them from those we serve. No order is too big or too small. Shipping is also available. Please order today by calling (859) 491-ARMY (2769)  Thanks in advance.